It’s all about the Ladies

  They say behind every great man is a good woman supporting him. Well I do know that, and it’s the same in the sport of rodeo and raising bucking stock. The bulls and the broncs get all applause, but it’s the female that gives that superstar athlete animal  60% to 70% of its greatest abilities. Pick up any Racehorse Sale Catalog, an what is listed first on the page of the Sale Horse is the female pedigree and what she has produced and her accomplishments, an at the bottom is the Sire. The thoroughbred breed has proved this for many years of collected data on great running an producing females. These days many breeders buck their heifers at a young age before breeding them to their bull. This will give you an idea of what you have, but lineage on the female side is most likely your best information.

  We all got our start with grade cows, FI cross cows, and just mean high headed, big horned girls. Through the process of DNA started by Bob Tallman in 1996 called the Rodeo Stock Registry, we were able to prove this cow produced this calf and this bull produced this bucking bull son of a gun. The Professional Bull Riders Inc. over ten years ago purchased the RSR from Bob and now it is the American Bucking Bull Inc. The registry is set up to record and preserve the pedigrees of the world’s premier American Bucking Bull Breed.  It makes these animals retain value, and proof of progeny, through bucking bull lineage.  A bull skeleton was even dug up at a burial site and a piece of bone recovered to prove that great bulls calves were his, through the DNA process of the ABBI. That’s how important proof of pedigree is in this day an age.

  In the Bucking Bull industry producing females are demanding good prices. Such as SJR 49 World Champion, bred by Steve an Julie Ravenscoft, (ABBI Classic World Champion Black Pearls dam), in 2011 sold for a record $ 100,000 , she also produced great bulls as Time Bandit, Pearl Jam, Buck Tail Jig, an Alabama Jig. This year #  U50 Cactus Flower sold for the large amount of $ 91,000, an she produced ABBI Futurity Champion , Inferno (winner of over $ 110,000), Nightmare, Cross Fire an AMS 40B, all money (earners an the oldest bull is four years old out of Cactus Flower). 

  It is interesting that some cows produce futurity calves and while others produce bulls with longevity in the  PBR, PRCA, CBR and the many rodeo an bucking bull events in an across North America.  Such as Lady Rocker, Bred by Neal Gay, this cow produced a handful of long time buckers, that also have sired some great bulls. CP  # 1 Kung Foo, an original Charlie Plummer cow produced such greats as Rooster, Panhandle Slim, Superstition an Automatic, an these history making bulls have gone on to sire 100s of  great animal athletes.

   MS # 0 by ( Big Bend ) bred by Monty Sanford, this producing cow gave us such greats as Night Life, Wild Life, Life of the Party, Life Sentence, Ground Zero, an 25 to Life.  Page  # 255-152 a Mossy Oak Mudslinger over an A6 cow Is one of leading producing cows at this time through the process of embryo transfer.  The Page Family has been producing great bucking bulls for many years, and their bloodlines, from their history making  champion bulls that they have raised. 

  The Mr. Juicy cow TBB K319 bred by Don an Janelle Kish out of a Wolfman daughter is producing many great buckers at this time, and I am fortunate to own an buck Big Naughty a son of this super producing female.  Rodeo gave the Bucking Bull Breeding business its start the Benny Butler cow # 13 has produced many buckers in the PRCA ranks and she was a grade cow.


  The multi embryo producing cow McClure 68, born in 1987, could produce as many as in the teens an over twenty embryos, graded number one’s, in a single flush . This ole black cow’s first calf # 94 a female was bucked at the Junior rodeos many times, an was outstanding bucker. It was then decided by Gary McClure to breed her mother # 68 . She was then flushed to Whitewater Skoal the multi producing Champion Producing Bull, an then to PBR World Champion Bucking Bull “Little Yellow Jacket”. Flushmates from # 68 an Whitewater were, Far North, Northern Chill, Northstar, Due North, North Wind, an North Pole along with others bucking in the Columbia River Circuit Rodeos, Bull Ridings these past years, along with several trips to the NFR and PBR Finals. The star of flush # 34 North Star, with 123 recorded outs an ave 21.88 score. It shows you, what one ole can cow produce, an I have been told there are more embryos from her still in frozen in storage, for further use.  Ole McClure # 68 will live on for years to come.

   Many time World Champion Bushwackers  dam # 13 was bred by David Fournier with no recorded dam for her. She has produced Bushwacker only, from a live cover to Reindeer, but due to female problems that she was born with. It was decided to do In Vitro Fertilization on her to produce more calves from this Champion producing cow. She now has produced full brothers and sisters to Bushwacker to her credit through this process, born this year. Next year through past IVF the matings of Troubadour and Whitewater calves will be born to the credit of # 13. Technology has given cows like # 13 the opportunity to produce, when they no longer can through live cover or embryo transfer.

  Just to name a few of the Leading American Bucking Bull Sires of Producing Females are Skat Kat, Mossy Oak Mudslinger, Whitewater, Mr. Juicy, Oscar Velvet, Super Dave, Houdini, Lyons King, Wolfman, Tyrell, Bodacious, Hotel California, Typhoon, Diamonds Ghost, an A6 .  My  late son Mikel J Moreno, studied bloodlines at an early age, an encouraged his dad to incorporate some producing bloodlines into our herd. Thanks to Mikel’s  wisdom, some super producing cows by Durango, Baby Brother, Skat Kat, Diamond Cat, Gunslinger, Houdini, an Diamonds Ghost, the grand dad to “Bushwacker”, may have never have been, if it weren’t for Mikels research.

   I cannot finish this story without talking about bucking horse mares. I have been very lucky to have watched some of the great bucking horse mares in the west buck at Reno, Red Bluff and Salinas. Ladies, like Angel Blue, Spring Fling, Madonna, Dreamboat Annie, Skoal Salley, Diamond Lil, Moulin Rouge, Heavens to Betsey, Manzanita Moonshine, Hot Toddy, Floodwaters. I have to say my favorite mare of all times is Skoal Salley the cranky little, kicking ole girl, she bucked at the NFR 9 times, in the BB an SB, voted NFR horse of the finals 96 and 97. She was bred to Cinnabar (Flying 5), that stud colt named Cinnabar Sal, was a bucker and since has sent a handful of colts to the NFR( before his untimely death).  Salley’s colts, which three were injured in competition, they bucked too darn hard.

  There are now three mares in the breeding herd by Salley all sired by different studs, and those girls bucked, which two of the studs were by my barrel horse Sires, an one a Peppy San Badger son. It goes to prove that Salley was bred to four different studs and every one of the colts out of her bucked. I tried the process of embryo transfers on her, but was unsuccessful, frozen horse semen being more delicate than bull semen. So now I am looking to a grand-daughter of Salley’s  to flush, an produce future bucking horse stars. So if you want to start a breeding program, start with good females, and you will be ahead of the game.


 Like I said its all about the Ladies !


Cindy L Rosser